Paedriatric Equipment



Special Order

KidWalk - A New Dimension in Mobility.....Designed for the child to access and explore their environment! Offers - Hands free mobility, Lateral weight shift during ambulation, Small turning radius, Large wheels assist maneuvering, Mid-wheel design encourages rotation of the upper body over the pelvis while turning.

Auto Centering Pelvic Guides
Weight Reducing Seatand Seating System
Fully Supportive Positioning System
Dynamic Mobility System

Quick pelvic positioning.
Single adjustment allows bilateral
pelvic pad placement.
Mid-wheel location allows for better turning control for the client.
Swing away lateral supports.
Swing up and away pelvic supports.
Hip and chest laterals adjust in height, width and depth.
Removable seat assembly.
All pads swing up to allow easy placement and positioning of the client.
Supplies natural gait movement.
Allows therapeutic adjustment for use in ambulation and therapy oriented activities.
Seat and support system move with the client allowing the natural movement of the body while reducing weight and fatigue.
Easy to use, one hand height adjustment mechanism allows quick and easy adjustments while the child is in the unit.