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Mygo   Seating System by Leckey
Mygo   Seating System by Leckey
Mygo   Seating System by Leckey

Mygo - Seating System by Leckey Otto-Bock

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Leckey Mygo Seating System
The Mygo Seating System was designed by Leckey to provide moderate to complex positioning for children ages 3-14. With unmatched support, the Mygo can accommodate up to 30� windsweeping.

Leckey Mygo Seating System

At a glance
Therapy chair for children ages 3-10 yrs (size 1) and ages 8-14 yrs (size 2)
Maximum user height 50/66˝ (127/168 cm)
Maximum user weight 40/132 lbs (18/60 kg)
The Mygo can be used with a hi-low chassis for indoor environments, and is easy to switch to the Kimba (size 2) manual wheelchair, the Kimba Spider mobility base, the Skippi Power Wheelchair and may be used with a number of the most popular mobility bases and pediatric wheelchairs

The upper leg supports can be adjusted independently and set up to accommodate leg length discrepancy, abduction, adduction or up to 30� windsweeping
The innovative Pelvic Cradle (patent pending) which is available for the Size 2 Mygo wraps around the buttocks and posterior of the pelvis for optimum proximal positioning
Removable covers are machine washable
The backrest height and angle can be easily adjusted and the flexible sacral support can be shaped to the contours of the lower back to support the spine in the desired position
The contoured shoulder section extends the height of the backrest and facilitates shoulder protraction for better trunk alignment.

The Leckey Mygo Seating System provides the optimum in pelvic stability, trunk and head alignment and leg and foot positioning. Altogether, the Mygo System offers a level of adjustability that makes it perfect for moderate to complex positioning needs in a variety of environments.