COVID-19 Business Insights

Covid-19 Update on Services (updated 20/8/21)

Hope you’re well! In light of the COVID Lockdowns / restrictions and clients worried about their health and safety, Geelong Wheelchairs - ILS Rehab is being proactive in ensuring that we still have access to our speciality services. If you have any clients requiring wheelchair trials but have issues with physical contact, we can offer the following solutions to assist:

  1. Taking Appropriate Precautions During a Trial – This includes; pre-screening all parties involved, wearing PPE (gloves and face masks), sanitising equipment before and after, sanitising hands before and after and practicing safe distancing as much as possible.
  2. Video Conference While The Treating OT Remains at Home/Office – ILS Rehab staff member to attend the appointment with the client taking all necessary precautions. Treating OT is accessible via Video Conference for support with; decision making, elaborating on clients’ needs and understanding the options scripted for submission. This option allows the ILS Staff member to take appropriate measurements for ordering if desired.
  3. Offering a Front Door Service – ILS Rehab staff member to attend the appointment but leave the equipment at the door for client/family/carers to take into the clients home. ILS Rehab staff member to video call the client/family/carers and Treating OT to facilitate the trial from their vehicle. This allows the client to sit in the chair and carers to understand what is being provided. This option will require a re-trial after approval for an ILS Staff member to take appropriate measurements for ordering.
  4. All Parties Remain at Home and Use Video Conferencing – This option will work well for clients with clear equipment needs (for example, replacement Folding, Rigid or Tilt In Space wheelchairs and commodes)
  5. Postpone Appointment – Until precautions are lifted and it is safe to do so

Keep safe and hope to work with you soon!

Covid-19 Update on Services (updated  26/10/2020)

Victoria opens up Melbourne just a little bit with the expectation that November 8th 2020 will see all Victorians move out of lockdown and into a life that somewhat resembled the one we left behind in March.

We are looking forward to delivering  new equipment to clients and customers that have remained in lockdown throughout the pandemic.  Now is the time to start thinking about new equipment and modifications that have been placed on hold, now more than ever we need to get Victoria moving again. 

During the lockdown we have taken advantage of Supplier education and webinair sessions to expand our knowledge.  We have worked on our processess and identified improvements to our services.  

We look forward to getting back into the field and once again giving the support and expertise needed to actively assist all our clients and customers.  

Covid-19 Update on Services (updated 8/7/20)

As we come together as a community to help stop the spread of the  COVID-19 virus, Geelong Wheelchair Service  will be implementing the following  measures to help ensure the safety of our staff while also protecting  our prescribers and clients.

Effective immediately we will not be attending clients in  lock down areas which are registering high numbers of infections.  Each morning we will check the DHHS web site https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus for latest updates on outbreaks.   Area’s registering  in the red spectrum will have appointments rescheduled, blue spectrum will be assessed  case by case and final decision made by the attending staff member. 

As an alternative arrangement; if you are in a high risk area we are happy to have clients attend our showroom where we can more easily control environmental factors.  Health questions will be asked prior to any appointment to ensure the safety of all attendees.

We are setting a maximum of 4 attendees at all trials, fittings and deliveries.  Sessions will be restricted to:

This will assist with social distancing .  Where a service technician is also required to attend, they will be in addition to requested numbers.

We are still available for appointments outside the high risk areas and are happy to communicate with Therapists via virtual meetings where necessary.

As part of our ongoing commitment to reducing risk to all stakeholders:


We understand the inconvenience these new restrictions are having on our clients. Hopefully we can all work together to achieve positive results with as little disruption to our service and your expectations as possible.

Updated: Monday 30th March 2020

Advice To Clients About Covid-19
Geelong Wheelchair Service are continuously reviewing our internal procedures around risk management to ensure that we are able to provide continuity of essential Assistive Technology products and services to our clients as best we can during this time. Our priority is to ensure that we deliver our services in a controlled environment that is respectful for both our workers and our valued clients and stakeholders.
We acknowledge that our clients rely heavily on our services and should our services be compromised this could pose a significant impact.  In line with the latest information from the Australian Government and the NDIS requirements for continuity of supports, we will continue business as usual while implementing some added precautionary measures. 
Where possible we are replacing face-to-face appointments (especially with our high-risk clients) with alternative options.  We will work with you to ensure we implement an approach that is suitable for all involved.  Alternative options may include but is not limited to:
Rescheduling your appointment to a mutually agreed later date
Picking up / dropping off your equipment for repairs and maintenance that must be undertaken in our workshop
Undertaking mobile repairs off-site using our equipped service vehicle
Working with a third party nominated by you to conduct the exchange of equipment on your behalf
As you can appreciate, some of our services such as scripting custom wheelchairs (product/service description) are not able to be undertaken over the phone or via video consultation due to the level of complexity and customisation that is involved, as well as the need to trial equipment.
Where we do conduct face-to-face appointments, we will ensure that we respect appropriate distancing and limit physical contact to minimise risk.  We will also follow strict hygiene processes:
Wear latex gloves at all times during consultations
Disinfect all equipment after each appointment
For appointments at our workshop, disinfect all furniture, fittings and fixtures before and after each appointment
Disinfect all vehicles (e.g. door handles, steering wheels, parking brakes etc) after each off-site consultation
Wash hands with soap and water as much as possible
When coughing or sneezing, do it into a tissue or on your elbow
Dispose of tissues immediately
Use alcohol-based hand sanitiser
Practice social distancing where possible
Minimise physical contact (no handshaking)
For detailed information be refer to the Australian Government’s Department of Health website: www.health.gov.au
If you have any questions please contact our office on 5244 0844 or email info@geelongwheelchairs.com.au