All foam SNOOZA Chair

The soft snug close support of the Snooza Chair helps the occupant to relax.  The high armrests promote better breathing.

The all-foam Snooza Chair with its planar angles uses gravity to keep the occupant safe with good postural stability while they are out of their wheelchair.

Well placed carry handles make transportation easy & large storage pockets are located on each side.  Cleaning the Snooza chair is easy, just wipe down the medical grade vinyl cover.  The centre comfort wrap supplied is removable and washable. 

The SNOOZA Kit comes with:

There are a variety of colours to choose from including:

There are accessories to enhance the SNOOZA experience:

Asymmetrical Back Contouring

Add the STX Backrest Sunmate filled pillows to comfortably contour the shape of the Snooze Chair backrest to match the occupants back.


The chair comes in 4 sizes.