Our History


Our Company History  GWS Rehab Supplies

The story of Geelong Wheelchair Service starts in the late 90’s  when the need for a wheelchair repairer was identified by the local disability community.  Ron Smelter, the father of a disabled child established Geelong Wheelchairs in Herne Hill using his backyard  shed for repairs and minor modifications to the then very popular Rollachair. Vicky McKenzie, also the mother of a disabled child joined Ron as the Office Girl in 1991.  Together they created a service that had been lacking in the area and one that was desperately needed to stop the transporting of  chairs to South Australia by train for repairs.  Geelong Wheelchairs eventually became a distributor for the Rollachair; designed and produced in South Australia.

To capture a greater client base Ron started up a second branch of Geelong Wheelchairs, trading as Wheelchairs Victoria; increasing their client base to include Greater Melbourne and beyond.

In 2000 the Business  moved its operations to Marshalltown Road in Grovedale.

Vicky was offered the opportunity to purchase the Geelong Wheelchair branch of the Business from  Ron and his wife Jackie who wanted to  grow the  Wheelchairs Victoria brand.

In March 2001 Vicky and Geoff Hunt who was employed as the service technician at the time, joined forces and became the new owners of Geelong Wheelchair Service.  With Vicky’s growing expertise in seating and positioning and Geoff’s mechanical aptitude they had the tools necessary to make their new venture something special.  With compassion and understanding they built a business that embraced the fledgling disability sector, giving clients choice and support were previously there had been none.

The business has grown from  one Demo Wheelchair and one Demo Scooter to the multi faceted company now residing at 106 Bailey Street in Grovedale.  From humble beginnings and a choice of one size fits all, Geelong Wheelchair Service has grown as the industry has grown, leading the way in customer focused results.

The introduction of the NDIS has seen greater numbers of people with disabilities access the equipment and supports they need.  The disability industry is now big business where customer focus and inclusion is mandatory, a position Geelong Wheelchair Service has held since its inception in the late 1990.