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Date: 9th August 2017
Urgent Safety Information: This information is especially directed to the professionals that prescribe and the owners and carers of end users’ wheelchairs, who service and maintain the product listed below.
Sunrise Medical Pty Ltd would like to advise all users of the Zippie Zone Wheelchair, of important information relating to the owner’s manual section covering the ongoing service requirements of the Zippie Zone Wheelchair.
The important information covers service conditions, daily checks, and ongoing maintenance requirements, which will reduce the possible likelihood of the backrest frame and bracketry mechanism assembly becoming damaged, broken or unsuitable for use.
Action to be taken
To ensure correct and safe use of the Zippie Zone Wheelchair, the information in the instructions in the owner’s manual must be strictly followed.
The important information, relevant to this notice can be found in page 14, titled Use and Maintenance of the User Guide titled: Zippie Zone OM 116100 Rev D.
It is critical that regular maintenance and servicing is performed as per the owner’s manual to keep the wheelchair functioning and working at its highest level. The Zippie Zone Wheelchair is a lightweight, high performance Manual Wheelchair and requires frequent and regular servicing.
The User Guide can be downloaded from the Sunrise Medical website; www.sunrisemedical.com.au under Manual Wheelchairs, Paediatric, Children’s Wheelchairs, Zippie Zone, Other documentation section.
If required, a copy can be obtained from Sunrise Medical on request, including a large font version.
PLEASE NOTE: In order to increase the frequency of preventative services, we are now offering a program where any required parts for the chair frame and backrest mechanism can be claimed at no charge for the next 12 months if any of the parts are found to be out of specification or beyond serviceability (excluding wear and tear items such as upholstery, tyres, casters and armpads). Normal service charges apply. This applies to the Zippie Zone wheelchair only.
Transmission of this Field Safety Notice:
Please ensure that the information in this notice is made available to all carers and end users within your customer base and all technicians, and that awareness is maintained for an appropriate period.
If you have any questions relating to this bulletin, or should you require any additional information, please contact: