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GlassOuse Assistive Device

GlassOuse Assistive Device

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The GlassOuse Assistive Device is designed for people with minimun to no hand movement. It connects to your technology device such as Tablet, TV, Computer and allows you to remotely control your devices with head movement. The mouse click is controlled via the mouth piece and has a mouse sensitivity setting to allowing adjustments and ease of use.

Mouse Use
Once device is in position, the cursor moves according to your head movements. To move the cursor left or right, move your head from side to side, the same method is used for up and down.

Click Button
The Click button is made of a certified waterproof material and the angle can be adjusted to fit comfortably into the mouth. The click function is used by biting or pressing with the lips. the button has been tested to 3 tons and is very durable.
The device is easily connected to your device and has a 330mAH 3.7v Li-Po CEBA cell battery that provides nearly 15 hours of use before recharge is required.

We currently have a trial unit in store. Come in for a trial and be amazed at its ease of use.