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Waling Sticks
Waling Sticks
Waling Sticks

Walking Sticks

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Walking sticks are used for balance and for the relief of sore muscles and joints. It is important to buy a walking stick that feels comfortable. If a walking stick is too short it can strain your body, too tall and it does not give you the support you need. The walking stick should be used on your stronger side. This takes weight and pressure off your weaker limbs

When standing, the walking stick should be just a few inches on your side or in front of you. This ensures you’ll have enough support and balance when you start walking.
To walk, move the stick and your weaker leg at the same time. They should hit the ground in front of the stronger leg together.
Then move the stronger leg, which should be in the middle between the cane and the other leg, forward. This leaves the weaker leg and the cane to share the load when your stronger leg is in the air.