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Nurmi Neo - OttoBock

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Nurmi Neo
Nurmi Neo walking aid is positioned behind the body and is open in the walking direction�helping your child explore the environment on his or her own.

At a glance
Promotes independent walking
Supports an upright body posture and natural gait pattern
Makes social contact with friends and siblings easier
High level of safety
Easy to fold to a compact size
Available in two bright frame colors

Adaptable for Different Clinical Pictures
The Nurmi Neo can easily be adjusted to different body sizes using its height-adjustable grip bars. This walking aid features a wide selection of accessories for different needs and clinical indications. Grip bars with forearm supports and vertical hand grips, a combined pelvic/gluteal pad or a fold-up seat allow the Nurmi Neo to be used in different ways over a long period of time.

The Nurmi Neo is also extremely lightweight. Children remain stable and secure at all times thanks to the Nurmi Neo�s advanced stability, driving brake and wheel lock, reverse-roll rear wheel locks and the optional anti-tip bar. It can also be equipped with a friction brake, which is especially useful during the training phase because of the Nurmi Neo's easy-rolling wheels.

We offer the Nurmi Neo in three different sizes. Swiveling front wheels are available for improved maneuverability. And as always this walking aid can be quickly folded down to a compact size for easy stowing.