Portable Ramps

Portable Ramps   SilverStar
Portable Ramps   SilverStar
Portable Ramps   SilverStar

Ramp Portable - SilverStar Pride

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Silver StarTM single-fold ramps from Pride offer a reliable solution for transitioning
curbs, thresholds, and other obstacles. They are available in several different lengths
and have a weight capacity of 272kg. Plus, lightweight Silver
Star Ramps are easily portable, making them ideal for home and travel.
* 272 kg weight capacity
* Lightweight and portable
* 3-year limited warranty
* Integrated, high traction surface
* Comprehensive product line
* Competitively priced
* Available in:
61cm (2ft)
91cm (3ft)
122cm (4ft)
152cm (5ft)
183cm (6ft)