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Wheelchair   Quickie 2
Wheelchair   Quickie 2
Wheelchair   Quickie 2
Wheelchair   Quickie 2
Wheelchair   Quickie 2

Wheelchair - Quickie 2

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The Quickie Folding Family features versatile, modular, and lightweight folding wheelchairs with features to fit your life. Now featuring lightweight technologies, the Quickie 2's overall weight has been reduced by 15%!

Standard with every Quickie 2 chair order, the original owner is entitled to one free growth kit within the first 5 years of chair ownership. Growing a chair is as easy as a simple call to customer service.

The Angle Adjustable Backrest provides multiple back angles and adapts to the user's PSIS (Posterior Superior Iliac Spine) height.

The newly redesigned Single Post Height Adjustable Armrest features an easy-to-use release handle, height-adjustment trigger, and contoured desk or full arm pads. These new armrests are also interchangeable from right to left.

The new flip back armrest features an ultra lightweight design and dual handled release lever that works with angle adjustable backrest. It is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing!

The Quickie 2 offers what we think is the broadest range of options for a folding chair on the market today. With 25 caster wheel options and over 25 rear wheel, tire and handrim combinations, the Quickie 2 can meet your individual needs.

The new LITE spoke wheel highlights a versatile, reliable streamlined hub design that is our lightest standard wheel to date. It significantly lightens the overall load, and users tell us it is very eye-catching!