Custom Power

 The process of choosing a power wheelchair can be complicated. Models range from standard chairs with little customization available to the more complex chairs that are fully customized for the more demanding user.

When considering the purchase of a power wheelchair the following questions should be considered


What use do I need from the chair?

Position of drive wheels


Where will I be using the chair?

Size of chair/Movability


Do I need any specialized controls?

Transfers/Pressure care


Do I need help with posture?

Sitting position

Laterals/Leg rests/Head rest

What health conditions should be considered?

Special considerations


Does the chair meet Australian Standard?

Tie down points


All our power chairs meet Australian standards

Product Range

Power Wheelchair Frontier V6
Power Wheelchair Frontier V6
Power Wheelchair Frontier V6
Power Wheelchair Frontier V6
Power Wheelchair Frontier V6
Power Wheelchair Frontier V6
Power Wheelchair Frontier V6

Power Wheelchair Frontier V6

Stocked Item


An all terrain mid wheel drive that provides tremendous off road capability. With brand new 3 spoke alloy wheels and stronger then ever heavy duty motors. This package will impress those who prefer the track to the tarmac.


For those who want something a little less rugged, but demand the range and outdoor capability the hybrid with 14 drive wheels and grey heavy duty castors to match is a natural choice.


An indoor/outdoor chair; smaller in length and width than the All Terrain. This chair is ideal for those who want to cover some distance. 73 A/hr batteries ensure the maximum range is achieved.


A fabulous indoor/outdoor option, 40 A/hr batteries help further reduce the length of the chair making for a compact and highly manoeuvrable wheelchair


With its large front wheels, this chair offers a great indoor/outdoor balance with further options for short overall lengths. The well positioned motors and batteries give great stability and allow for true 90 knee flexion.


The Frontier lends itself well to a rear wheel drive model. A popular choice of chair for many people and (as with the front wheel drive) can be fitted with the All Terrain knobby wheels and heavy duty castors if desired.