Manual Wheelchair

Manual wheelchair Otto Bock Start M4XXL

Manual wheelchair Otto Bock Start M4XXL

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Start M4 XXL

At a Glance

Up to 160 kilogram loads
Seat width of up to 58 centimetres
Many variations
Broad spectrum of adjustment options

With the Start M4 XXL you can meet many challenges: The stable lightweight wheelchair goes well beyond ordinary dimensions, with a seat width of up to 58 centimetres and a seat depth of up to 49 centimetres. The beautifully shaped modern wheelchair in silver metallic or ice blue is the ideal choice for larger individuals, supporting loads of up to 160 kilograms.

Individual Driving Style

The M4 XXL would not be a true member of the Start family if we did not offer you many individual adjustment options. A wheelchair that is perfectly adjusted and corresponds to your requirements provides the best possible level of support and mobility. For example, you can adapt the M4 XXL to your personal driving style - safe and comfortable, or active and sporty. In addition, a large selection of optional accessories are available; from leg rests that can swing up to various foot rest solutions and spoke and clothing protectors. In short, you can design the M4 XXL entirely according to your wishes so that it fits you and your lifestyle.

Stable and Safe

In order to ensure that you are safely on your way even under high stress, we reinforced the frame and the back support. In case of very high back stress, an optional back stabilizer offers additional support. In order to lock the wheelchair safely in place, simply activate the knee lever brake. Especially handy: In spite of its solid construction, the XXL can be easily folded to a convenient size and stowed in the car. Thus you don not lose your mobility even when you are on the road or taking a trip. The practical hook-and-loop-straps help prevent the wheelchair from opening accidentally.