Power Wheelchairs

Folding wheelchairs are available in various sizes, but often do not offer the specialised features that a prescribed wheelchair can offer. For others, the wheelchair will be used more often, perhaps all day, at work, or indoors. For this sort of wheelchair user, the comfort and manoeuvrability is likely to be much more important than how much the wheelchair costs. These wheelchairs are less likely to be folding models, as the performance and weight of the wheelchair is more important than whether it folds. These rigid, self propelled wheelchairs combine a lighter frame and wheels. They might have a more specialised back, seat cushion, foot rests and arm rests.

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Power Wheelchair - Pride R4 Wheelchair

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The innovative R-4 offers the standard features necessary to meet the demands of daily life while delivering easy portability.
The R-4 combines rear anti-tip wheels for stable outdoor performance with a compact frame for smooth indoor manoeuvring.
The R-4 is the ultimate economical folding power chair.
High-tensile carbon steel frame.
Folding back.
Height-adjustable armrests.
Adjustable back height.
Swing in out/out leg rests.
Manual wheel locks.
250 watt dc motor.

•High-tensile carbon steel frame
•Folding back
•Height-adjustable armrests
•Adjustable back height
•Swing in out/out leg rests
•Manual wheel locks
•250 watt dc motor