Peadiatric Wheelchairs

Paediatric Equipment  Kimba Spring Pusher
Paediatric Equipment  Kimba Spring Pusher
Paediatric Equipment  Kimba Spring Pusher
Paediatric Equipment  Kimba Spring Pusher

Paedriatric Equipment - Kimba Spring Pusher

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Kimba spring pediatric stroller is good looking and perform high. Kimba spring pediatric wheelchair is highly adaptable to suit your child at any level of need. Kimba spring frame is lightweight and tough, it is easy to fold and crash test compliant. Wheels are spring supported, thus provides a smooth ride to help keep the child calm and well positioned.

The Kimba Spring accommodates a number of seating systems with a wide array of positioning accessories. Each of the seating systems has been crash-tested with the Kimba Spring to ensure compliance and safety.
You can fold and stow Kimba Spring in one easy step in a matter of seconds.
When you are out, Kimba Spring on uneven surfaces, its spring-mounted seat absorbs shocks. Good for spastic children as bumps and subsequent spasms are reduced.
The seat unit can be precisely adapted to the body proportions of your child.
Seat depth, seat width as well as back rest and foot rest height can be infinitely adjusted.
Adjustable pelvic pads and lateral support pads allows for optimum positioning.
The seat can be easily removed and mounted in reverse so that child can see you.
Child's sitting position can be adjusted via push bar, from an active to a fully relaxed posture.
The pushbar is height adjustable according to other family members or friends to push the buggy.
Depending on your child's level of restriction, you can choose from an extensive range of fixation and posture aids to ensure maximum safety and security.
All these accessories can be washed at 30 degrees and are made of dirt resistant material.