Wheelchair Hire

*Prices are a guide only and variations may apply


Hire Equipment
$ per week
Manual Basic No inclusions 20.00
Paediatric Basic No inclusions 25.00
Tilt in Space -Basic Standard back, basic cushion 60.00
Tilt in Space - Basic Customization No inclusions customized only 60.00
Scripted seat size & additions 90.00
Backrest -scripted add on 25.00
Elevating leg rest add on 5.00
Oxygen bottle add on 5.00


*Custom Power wheelchairs have a minimum 4 week hire period

$ per week
Power Wheelchair -basic Standard back, basic cushion 60.00
Power Wheelchair -Basic customization No inclusions 100.00
Power Wheelchair - Tilt in Space Standard back, basic cushion 100.00
Power Wheelchair -Tilt in Space, elevating leg rest No inclusions 120.00
Back Jay 2 25.00
Head rest   15.00
Pressure care cushion   25.00
Standard cushion   10.00