NDIS REGISTERED PROVIDER  ABN: 58 096 684 963            

From the 1st July 2016 the way participants interact with providers has changed.  Paricipants are now able to choose their prefered providers to deliver their supports.  This involves signing a 'Service Agreement' with the provider and registering them on 'Myplace', the new NDIS portal for managing your NDIS plan.

New NDIS Participant Portal

Myplace is the new NDIS Participant Portal, a secure website for participants to manage their NDIS plan.

The National Disability Insurance Agency has developed a number of resources to assist participants when choosing a provider. It is important to choose the provider or providers which are right for you.

Service agreements

'Service Agreements are different from your NDIS plan. Your plan lists your NDIS supports, but a Service Agreement is about delivering those supports.

Remember, you have choice and control in the delivery of your supports. This means having the choice over who provides your supports and how they are provided. It also means being responsible and reasonable in your expectations and dealings with providers.'[extract from NDIS Participant portal] 

Registered & Myplace Ready

We have completed our transfer over to Myplace and have our template for 'Service Agreement' in place.  Over the coming days we will contact the participants via Myplace that are already connected to us via the old NDIS portal.  We would also like to invite participants who have previously dealt directly with SWEPNDIA to give us a call and discuss what services we can offer.